Commercial Building – 5514 Yale St.

Grab your space now! – J.G. Hollins Builders is providing a brand new and lucrative geographic location for yours and other businesses. Merely a short walking-distance away from the busiest interstate highway in Texas, a luxurious stone-front commercial structure will soon be made available as your company’s new home. Likewise, with the area’s high volume of traffic in mind, this state-of-the-art shopping center should undoubtedly yield a consistent customer flow to nearly any type` of business.
Located only a few blocks west of Interstate 45/ North Freeway and approximately one mile north of the 610 Loop, the property receives an average daily traffic count of over 150,000 vehicles and pedestrians. Also, a high saturation of residents is conveniently placed within less than a mile’s distance to the said property.
Adding to the flow of traffic, the intersection’s other adjacent businesses include; a major-named fuel station, a coin-operated car wash, an upscale laundry mat, a tailor/”cleaners” establishment, and an automobile dealership.
While availability lasts, prospective businesses may select any space, ranging from the 1,100 sq. ft. mid-spaces to the 2,500 sq. ft anchor spaces (end-caps).

PLEASE NOTE: On behalf of the thousands of surrounding residents, this space will not be offered to any businesses which may promote community degradation in any form (for example: liquor stores, gambling outlets, smoke shops, etc.). Instead, J.G. Hollins Builders proudly chooses to offer this beautifully crafted retail space to positive and upright businesses, such as your own.