Acres Home – 7815 De Priest

Known as one of Houston’s “Super Neighborhoods”, this treasure is hidden in plain view. Boasting of its hospitable and truly Southern nature, Acres Homes epitomizes “country living” in the heart of our nation’s 4th largest metropolitan city. For those who have an appreciation for a closely-knitted and syrupy-sweet rapport with their immediate neighbors, this is a place that they will likely adore. In this neighborhood, each of its streets is adorned with a collection of homes bearing assorted styles, including traditional bungalows, country cottages, modern brick homes, and more. That said, individual personality is not only encouraged, it’s required. Although it was once a primarily African-American community, Acres Homes is now a melting pot of creed and culture where the residents are waiting to welcome you, your family, and your sense of style. It’s a place where you can feel the warmth and comfort of “home; sweet home”.